Prithak Inventory Management System

Prithak Inventory Management System (PIMS) is the retail software solution to improve your business administration that oversees monitoring and maintenance of stocked products, whether those products are company assets, raw materials and supplies, or finished products ready to be sent to vendors or end consumers.

PIMS consists of:
• A system for identifying every inventory item and its associated information, such as barcode labels or asset tags.
• Inventory management system Hardware tools for reading barcode labels, such as handheld barcode scanners or smartphones with barcode scanning apps.
• Inventory management software, which provides a central database and point of reference for all inventory, coupled with the ability to analyze data, generate reports, forecast future demand, and more.
• Processes and policies for labeling, documentation, and reporting.
• People with different roles follow these policies and processes.

• Improved cash flow
• Better reporting and forecasting capabilities
• Reduction in storage costs (overhead)
• Reduced labor costs
• Reduction in dead stock
• Better organization
• Enhanced transparency
• Improved supplier, vendor, and partner relationships

• Multitier Architecture
• Barcode Scanning
• Inventory Optimization
• Stock Notifications
• Report Generation
• Stock Returns Handling
• Purchase Order Handling
• Warehouse Management

System Modules:
• Day sheets and Summary-Dashboard
• Stocks
• Stock In/Purchase
• Stock Out/ Sell
• Purchase Requests
• Product Categories
• Products
• Stores
• Vendors
• Users and Roles